uk mobylette forum gathering 19/21st june 2015

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Re: uk mobylette forum gathering 19/21st june 2015

Nieuw berichtdoor Harrie » 03 dec 2016, 17:40

Hi Members,
I don't think the absolute quantity of well-powered mobylettes is the problem, but the fact that most people are trapped in a system of wage slavery and personal obligations.
I used to avoid this partly by choosing jobs in the field of education.
A more serious problem is the large gap between the actual technical state of the average mobylette and its required condition. People, wisely, don't dare to face this challenge. Yet, you can make it all easier by driving to Wright by car and with some spare mobylettes in a truck.
Finally the number of people, that is able or willing to organise such a run to a foreign country is awfully limited, too.
Many people just enjoy restoring mobylettes, but riding on it more than one hour is not their cup of tea.
I guess you are right, when assuming only a few people from the continent will reach Wright.
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Re: uk mobylette forum gathering 19/21st june 2015

Nieuw berichtdoor MobyJoost » 09 dec 2016, 21:27

There are now two possibble weekends for this gettogether on the Isle of White. Weekend of the 3rd of june, or the weekend of the 10th of june. There's a campsite that will have us mobymaniacs and it looks like a beautiful place. ( ) If anybody's interested, let it be known here. Don't wait too long.

Er zijn nu twee mogelijke weekends voor dit samenzijn op The Isle Of White, Het weekend van 3 juni en het weekend van 10 juni. Er is een camping die ons Mobymaniakken wel wil ontvangen en die ziet er wel aantrekkelijk uit ( ). Laat hier weten, als je interesse hebt, maar wacht niet te lang.
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Re: uk mobylette/raleigh forum 2/3/4th june 2017

Nieuw berichtdoor moby54 » 22 maart 2017, 02:41

hello dutch colleagues, as some of you maybe aware, we are holding another uk mobylette/raleigh forum meet in headcorn in kent in the south of england, on the 2/3/4/th of june 2017,should any of you like to attend please use our uk forum and post graham [cb1] or contact mobyjoost on here and he will give you the details, we are expecting another good turnout,then on the 7/8/9 july we are holding another EACC/MOBYLETTE/ RALEIGH FORUM MEET, in the north of england, this also should be a good turnout of mopeds and autocycles,should anyone wish to attend this event, contact me through the mobylette uk forum or contact mobyjoost and he will i imagine post the interest from dutch forum members [regards john EACC/ SECTION ROTHERHAM SOUTH YORKSHIRE ENGLAND] 8-)
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Re: uk mobylette forum gathering 19/21st june 2015

Nieuw berichtdoor SixtyFruits » 22 maart 2017, 14:25

Headcorn? In stead of I o White? Better for me logistically but I was hoping to visit the Isle! Still not sure if my MB is driveable around that time but I still are attending to come!
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Re: uk mobylette forum gathering 19/21st june 2015

Nieuw berichtdoor moby54 » 24 maart 2017, 02:57

ok sixty fruits, you will enjoy yourself :D :D if you can make the trip and some good old british hospitality,
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