kaptein Fietsomatic

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kaptein Fietsomatic

Ongelezen bericht door ronan » 14 aug 2013, 22:44

Hello - I just got what I think is a 1958 Kaptein Fietsomatic. I am not sure how to post a photo. It is in good shape. I need help with parts and the starting logic. Can anybody help me. I am 58 and this is my first forum.

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Re: kaptein Fietsomatic

Ongelezen bericht door JonathanC » 14 aug 2013, 23:20

Hey Ronan ,

you can post a photo bij " plaats een reactie " in the subject you want to reply.

iv'e added a picture with some explination... 8-)
Je hebt niet voldoende permissies om de bijlagen van dit bericht te bekijken.

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Re: kaptein Fietsomatic

Ongelezen bericht door MobyJoost » 14 aug 2013, 23:56

Hi Ronan, welcome, where do you live?

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Re: kaptein Fietsomatic

Ongelezen bericht door svec » 19 aug 2013, 12:25

Hi Ronan,

If needed, I 've got some spare parts for sale coming form a French Fietsomatic from '61. I suppose the engine is the same.

Kind regards,


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